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  • According to Nielsen Korea, JTBC’s Fri-Sat-Sun drama “Reborn Rich”, which aired the last episode on December 25th, ended with a viewer rating peak of 26.
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    Kim that unless he kept his silence, things would not work out for him.

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  • May 19, 2023 · Add Reborn Rich to the list of dramas with bad endings.
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    Korean discussion forum DC Inside recently did a poll to find the drama with the lousiest ending, and Reborn Rich, which was adapted from a web novel of the same name, topped the list after receiving 6,857.

  • Dec 26, 2022 · Viewers who became emotionally immersed in Jin expressed disappointment, however, those in favor of the television series’ alternative ending say that it better portrays the theme of redemption.
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    While it may feel like a disappointment to all of us, this is the proper ending that is needed to get everyone where they need to be and it’s no romantic drama either.

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